28/01/12 - Pokemon Center in Osaka!

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Hi guys!
First of all, sorry about yesterday if you visited my blog and saw it was a mess. My comments on my blog are hosted by disqus, and for some reason they aren't syncing to my blogger, which means I don't get notified if anyone writes me a comment T_T I tried to fix this since I try to reply to all questions, but gave up after about 5 hours of trying to code *sigh*. In the end, I found another way to find my comments, just have to put in a bit of effort, but at least it's better than nothing, right?

But anyway, today I'm going to blog about our day in the Osaka Pokemon Center! We were actually trying to go to the Pokemon Center the previous day, but we ended up getting lost, by the time we got to the Pokemon Center it had already closed :( So we decided to go the next day instead. I'm a hardcore Pokemon fan, played all the games, and I don't stop until I catch every single Pokemon haha. (Yeap, I caught all 649 Pokemon in Black/White without cheating, took me forever T_T).

Janelle and I were SUPER lazy that day because the previous day we had walked all day (in heels) shopping like crazy, so we didn't end up waking up until 1pm haha. (Didn't end up leaving the room till 3pm cos we were wasting time on 9gag ahaha). Anyway, because we planned to have a lazy day, we decided to dress up since we had time

Getting ready with Janelle

Started walking to the train station and decided to do a quick OOTD photo each

Before going to the Pokemon Center, we went to have breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea.. whatever we were having lol. We decided to go to Matsuya, a Japanese chain food restaurant. It's super cheap, and it's kind of considered as "fast-food" in Japan, but healthier!

I like the system they have. You go to a machine, choose what you want, pay and then you get a ticket which you give to one of the workers, they will then prepare your food.

You can see the ticket machine on the left of the photo:

Only 350 yen! (Approx $4.50)

Our tickets:

Free greentea and miso soup with each meal!

I love Matsuya! Cheap and quick, really good if you want to go somewhere in a rush.

After food we headed to the trainstation to go to Umeda, where the Pokemon Center is.

The Pokemon Center is located in a huge department store called DAIMARU in Umeda (Osaka Station if you're going by JR).

I've actually been to this Pokemon Center last year, but hey, I love Pokemon so why not go again? XD

So now here is a spam of Pokemon Center merchandise

Return of the Ditto Pikachu haha

You guys are probably sick of all my Pokemon spamming now lol. I also vlogged inside there so will upload that a bit later. After the Pokemon Center we decided to walk around a bit. We actually were going to go find a citibank so we can convert some Australian cash to Japanese yen cos we went a bit too crazy with shopping in Japan. We didn't end up exchanging money at citibank but went to Travellex instead.

Travel Tip: DO NOT exchange foreign cash in Japan, the rate you get is really bad. You would be better off exchanging the money in your own country first before going to Japan (For Australian dollars anyway).

Yodobashi Camera!
This place is great for electronics. It's HUGE and has almost everything in it. If you go to the higher levels they have stores selling clothes/shoes/accessories for cheap.

And how can you not finish off your day in Japan without Purikura? haha

These machines make your eyes look HUGE! O_O

We went to HEP5 Department store in Umeda to take the purikura. For just 100yen, you can also rent out costumes to take purikura with! We didn't end up doing it though.

A photo of Janelle and I back at the hostel

Janelle and I wanted to buy something in the Pokemon Center, but since we were short on money we decided to buy this Pikachu couple chain to share it between us HAHA. But it's SO cute!

Souveniers I bought for my sister

Because Valentines day was approaching, you see SO MANY couple items in Japan! There were heaps in the Pokemon Center, but didn't take photos of them because too many staff were around. I did vlog there though!

Anyway, I'm actually going to be quite busy these next few days, but I will try keep my promise and will try blog a lot more!

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So cute stuff ^.^  the pikachu couple keychans look soo cute!

June 22, 2012 at 11:47 AM delete

i didn't know you have a sister (where have i been?) lol.  i'm curious as to who got the lady half ;)  i used to love pokemon...but then i moved to other stuff; and couldn't keep up (my mother hates these things)  nice presentation for fast food.  i almost forgot; i used to use photobooth alot... but now something happened to the screen on my MBP (from 2008, the no-glare kind) and it's literally cracked around the edges on both sides, so the weight of the monitor forces it to separate whenever it's open.  Planned obsolescence, i tell ya, though this thing did take a beating, heh.  it's got a blue line through the middle too, so the color on my monitor is shot, a bit too bright. 

June 26, 2012 at 1:46 AM delete

Aww no >< Sorry to hear that about your MBP >< My MBP is starting to have some problems lately with the sound :( sigh >< 

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