Summer & Winter 2012 Outfit Videos

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I have a habit of trying to regularly upload videos on Youtube, but I never actually end up blogging about them.. However I will try from now on to write a quick blog post about my videos after I upload them onto Youtube!

A while ago, I uploaded a "Winter 2012 Outfits" video, showing my favourite clothing styles of winter in 2012.

It's actually summer in Australia right now, so I was sweating my butt off while filming this for you guys haha.

And for those of you who are wondering, yes this is how I dressed in winter time in Japan, lol (even if it was 0 degrees). Almost every girl in Japan wears skirts and shorts in winter so it is very normal. I usually wear thermals underneath and tights/socks to keep warm. Also when it is winter where I live, it is not very cold (averages around 15-20 degrees) so dressing like this is fine for me haha.

Most of the clothes I showed in that video are from Liz Lisa. I bought most of the clothes on sale haha. They were 2 pieces for 5000yen which is around $75 which isn't so bad! Liz Lisa is pricy but if it's on sale, it works out to be quite cheap (for an Australian anyway, everything is damn expensive in Australia).

Also, for the Australians, I have also uploaded a "Summer 2012 Outfits" video a few months ago which you can check out here!

Anyway, I'm off to Japan in about 3 days! So excited but kind of stressed out because I have so much I need to do still. Hopefully I will find some time to blog and edit more videos before I leave though!

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So jelly i wish i get to go Japan and shopping one day XD
and your dog is so cute

March 31, 2013 at 9:39 PM delete

Hey Kim are all the other brands in your summer vid japanese brands? I'm looking for them :(