06/07/13 - Los Angeles Day 4 - Anime Expo Day 3

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Hey guys!

I'm going to France in 2 days and tomorrow is my graduation ceremony so I'm going to be really busy this week :( However I will keep my promise of writing a blog post everyday! I'm just praying my hotel in Paris has good wifi haha!

Today I'm going to tell you guys about my 4th day in Los Angeles; 3rd day of Anime Expo.

OOTD at the hotel (though I was wearing the same thing everyday I was working for Liz Lisa haha)

On the way to the LA convention center

I didn't take any photos at the convention on this day, but of course as usual here is a collage with my blog readers and youtube subscribers!

And their individual photos ^__^

Thankyou so much for saying hi to me guys!

It was Ishiguro-san's birthday so after we closed the girls from MARUQ bought cupcakes!

We then decided to go out with the girls from MARUQ for dinner! They took us to a really famous burger restaurant called "Umami burger"

The area it was in looked a bit scary haha

The restaurant~

The restaurant had 3 of their restaurant chains combined into 1.


Apparently the Umami burger is really famous and was featured on TV before so

And I can see why, it's the BEST burger I've ever had!!


Definietely check it out if you guys can!!

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jayde wynn
September 17, 2013 at 3:42 AM delete

That looks amazing and you look fabulous as usual :D