22/09/13 Paris Day 3 ~ Final day of Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

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Hi everyone~

Today I'm going to blog about my final day at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii in Paris~ The convention ran for 3 days, and the last day (Sunday) was the busiest day of all!

I didn't take many photos on this day because it was just so busy.. But I still wanted to blog about it anyway since I met some more lovely subscribers and blog readers who came to say hi to me!

She was super cute! Her parents bought her the same outfit I was wearing! ^__^

Thank-you soooo much to everyone who said hi to me in Paris! I honestly didn't expect anyone to know who I was there! Everyone was super nice and said many encouraging words for me to continue making lots of videos! Sorry that I haven't been able to make as many videos as I'd like to lately, but I will try my best to make as many as I can!

For lunch, all the prices for food had been cut down by alot! So I could finally eat a lot of food! haha.

Karaage and Udon!

I also had this really nice drink... I can't remember what it's called but it was a purple colour with icecream in it

I was super tired by the end of the day, and we finished super late. We all went out for one final dinner at a French cafe near our hotel

Hotdog + Cheese.. yummmmmm

And icecream! I shouldn't have eaten that icecream though. I had a bad toothache that day and eating the icecream just made it worse :(

Anyway! If you haven't seen yet, here is a vlog of my time in Paris!

Sorry this post didn't have many photos but I promise my next few ones will!! Still got a lot of Japan and lots of fashion blog posts to get through!

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I love your dress too! And the girl looks so cute wearing the exact outfit you have haha, aww~~ I want too~~~

January 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM delete

Oooooh I didn't see this picture :'( *late*
Ahaha I'm so ugly XD I'm the black girl ^^ (I don't why I raise the head, look like haughtly girl XD) But I'm so happy to saw you and take a picture with you :D
The first girl is sooo cute :3 The dress <3
All the stand was wonderful! I'm sad, we can have a liz lisa shop here, sob! But maybe they will come back another day! I hope you'll come too :)

*crazy girl*