08/07/12 - Last day in Los Angeles

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Hey everyone!

This blog post is probably going to be the most boring blog post I've ever done, but I wanted to get it out of the way so I can finally complete my Los Angeles 2013 blog posts!!

So as most of you guys know I went to Los Angeles back in July this year to work with Liz Lisa at Anime Expo. It was my second time in America so it was a great experience! I've never been to America before, and I absolutely love travelling so it was great!

On my last day in Los Angeles, Sho, who was the person who organized the Gyaru brands from Shibuya109 to come down to Anime Expo took Aino (the girl who worked with me with Liz Lisa) and I out shopping~ I was lucky I had my family to take me out the day before already so I didn't really have any plans to buy anything, but I still wanted to go have a look around at places in LA with them.

Look of the day~

Don't think I can ever get used to people driving on the other side... haha in Australia we usually have the driver's seat on the right side

A lot of random photos I took while in the car

We did a bit of shopping at a shopping mall (can't remember the place!) and for lunch Sho took us to a place for burritos!! Best burritos I ever had, I miss this place!!

After lunch, I had to get to the airport so Sho kindly took me there~!

SO many palmtrees in LA!

And off I was to Japan~! I spent a day in Japan after LA so that was great fun! You can read that blog post here~!

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I Loooooooove Chipotle <33333

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oh wow you passed my house lol off the 405 freeway. . .I really wish liz lisa and many other brands would open up some stores in LA and you should be the host/ presenter.