07/07/13 - Los Angeles Day 5 - Anime Expo Day 4

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Hey guys!

I realized that I never finished blogging about LA and Paris so I want to try get these posts done before I forget what happened! These past few weeks work has been crazy, but this month I get to have a few days off so I can finally try to get a lot of blog posts done during that time!

Today I'm going to blog about my last day at Anime Expo! Liz Lisa went to Anime Expo in LA back in July. I didn't really take many interesting photos in my last few days in LA, I remember I was just so tired that I didn't think about it haha.

Photo outside out hotel~ I stayed at Kawada Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The hotel was ok, it wasn't the greatest but all I wanted was just a place to shower/sleep at night and I was fine with that. The only thing that pissed me off with the hotel was that I paid for internet ($5 a day or so) and the internet kept cutting me out! Usually hotels provide free internet that usually is really good :/

Last day at the Expo~

Tiffa & I who was another shop staff with Liz Lisa

Gyaru girls~

With Rei who was a staff for Golds Infinity~

Photos with my lovely subbies who said hi to me~

The expo ended at 2pm so we had lots of time to pack up afterwards~ I immediately went to get changed out of my Liz Lisa dress (we had to wear the same dress for 4 days straight so I felt really gross in it and wanted to get out of it asap haha).

I bought this dress from Golds Infinity! They had a sale and it was 50-75% off all the clothing, I think I got this dress for $20!

Makeup of the day~

Because we finished early and I only had another day left in LA, I wanted to go visit my family. I have family all over the world and I haven't really met many of them before or haven't seen them in ages.. so since I was already in LA I really wanted to spend some time with my LA family!

They were coming to the convention center to pick me up, but it was hard since I didn't have a phone with me. I ended up asking some random people sitting around if I could borrow their phone and they kindly let me make a phone call on it which was relieving!

Family picked me up and took me out! I really wanted to go do some clothes and makeup shopping, and had no idea how to get around LA so they took me there~

First I went to a clothing outlet~ Outlets at Orange ~

The place looked so colourful like a festival!

Since my family took me out shopping, we didn't finish till around 9pm when all the shops were closed! haha. We went to this really cheap Vietnamese place near their house! It was only $1.99 for it, so cheap!!

Yummm.. you can never find something like this for $1.99 in Australia! haha

Their dog was so cute!!

& last photo of my aunty, uncle and cousins!!

Felt so nice to be able to spend some time with family from far away!!

Sorry that this blog post is quite boring haha~ I have only 1 more blog post about LA which I will do in a few days time and will continue with Paris and Japan blog posts~~

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What a nice trip!! *-*
You dress is so pretty <3

Please take care, have a nice day!*


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Hey! lovely blog! :)

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