14/02/12 - Forever Alone Valentines Day in Tokyo

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Hey guys!

Wow it's been over a month since I've last done a Japan blog post! I still have so many blog posts I have to do still for Japan but this is going to be the last blog post for my 2012 trips! Then I can finally move onto my Japan 2013 blog posts hahaha. Sorry it's taking me sooo long to get through them all!

On this day it was Valentines Day in Japan, but I was alone because my boyfriend wasn't with me... and in Japan Valentines Day is celebrated a lot more than it is in Australia. When you are in Japan you will see SO many stores selling Valentines Day chocolates and you just see couples everywhere.. If you are travelling alone and if you are a girl, a lot of host boys will approach you just because you look lonely lol. Easiest way to get rid of them is to just pretend you can't speak Japanese and pretend you have no idea what they are on about. So.. I guess what I'm trying to say is that.. it sucks being alone on Valentines Day in Japan haha.

Anyway, this was actually my final day in Japan so I wanted to go out alone to do some final shopping. Janelle was going to spend the day with her friends so I decided to spend my day going back to Shibuya, Harajuku and Ikebukuro to do some shopping.

Janelle getting ready in our hostel~

Got to Ikebukuro station and decided to head to Harajuku first~

Found this cool vending machine at Ikebukuro station

160yen ticket from Ikebukuro

Arrived at Harajuku~

Couples everywhere lol.

Outside of Harajuku station

Of course I go to Takeshita dori to shop, love this street!

After shopping, left Harajuku to get to Shibuya~

The weather sucked that day :( Was raining a lot in Shibuya

Annnddd of course I had to go to my favourite shopping mall, Shibuya109!

Didn't really take any phtoos in there cos I was rushing to get all my shopping done lol.

I walked around Shibuya one last time

After that I went back to Ikebukuro to Sunshine City to meet up with Janelle and her friends~ The fountain had a lot of different colours and had a "Valentines Day" special show

A store selling Valentines Day chocolates~

I wanted to have crepes for the last time~ It doesn't look great in the photo but it tasted awesome! I always get the blueberry cheesecake one

Janelle got bubbletea

For dinner we couldn't be bothered going anywhere special cos we were all so tired, so we ended up going to Saizeriya which is a Japanese Italian food chain restaurant that's cheap

That's all for this final Japan blog post for 2012! Next I'm going to blog about my adventures in HONG KONG! I went to Hong Kong straight after Japan for a week so hope you guys look forward to those posts!

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