15/02/12 ~ 17/02/12 - Flying to Hong Kong ~ Hong Kong Part 1

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Hey guys!

Last year after my Japan trip, I flew straight to Hong Kong with Janelle to spend a week there! I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong and this was my first time travelling there.

Our flight to Hong Kong was early in the morning~ We got to Haneda airport and decided to go through immigration qiuckly to buy some kitkats! I love all the different flavoured kitkats they have!

Our plane~

Grape Fanta!

Flying to HK~



Mochi Icecream!

We landed in HK!

Waited for a bus to go to Janelle's family's place! Luckily we didn't have to pay for accommodation while in HK!

We sat in a McDonalds to wait for her cousin to finish work. I was SO surprised at the prices there, everything was like 3-4 times more cheaper than Australia!!

I think I bought like 2 meals just because it was so cheap haha.

Janelle's cousin met us at the Macdonalds and took us to a convenience store to buy some supplies!

A spider man bike hahaha.

Random photos in the supermarket

The next day Janelle's cousin had work so I went out with Janelle around the neighbourhood. We walked around trying to find a place to eat and found this place that had a whole meal (steak, potato, soup, coffee) for only $5!!

It was around $5-$5.50AUD, SO cheap!

The food actually was really good as well! I fell in love with food in Hong Kong at this point haha

We just walked around and relaxed the whole day, and at night time we went out to meet Janelle's cousin after she had finished work for dinner~

Had Vietnamese food for dinner~

We then went to Mongkok and had a walk around at the markets

I got this really cute Nikon camera USB for around $5aud, too bad it doesn't work lol.

After dinner we went to a place to have dessert!

The day after we went shopping at the department stores. At this point I couldn't be bothered taking photos anymore since I took way too many in Japan haha. The only photos I took that day were the ones where I had lunch and dinner with Janelle's family

For lunch we went to a really good Vietnamese restaurant!

We went around to go shopping! And then took the train to go to dinner to meet the rest of Janelle's family~

We went to steamboat for dinner~

After dinner we went back to the apartment~ Not sure what was going on here but there were firemen everywhere

That's all for now! Sorry it's just all food pictures lol. I didn't really take many photos of places I went. I do have one more part of my Hong Kong trip to write about with lots more photos, then I will go back and try finish my Japan blog posts from this year! If I don't make another post by Christmas then I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!

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Yumyyy! All these food made me want to eat right now!
It must be so cool to be there!
Hope to see more photos about drugstores and clothes stores :p