25/01/11 - Tennoji 天王寺

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I'm so behind with my blogging! These past few days in Osaka have been really busy that I haven't been able to keep up with my posts... I'm going to do a few posts now. Last Tuesday we went to Tennoji with Aimi. Her parents invited us out to dinner that day so we had to go at night to meet her at Tennoji. We were free in the morning so we decided to go to Den Den Town (Osaka equivalent of Akihabara).

Taiyaki for breakfast

Made curry for lunch again

This was where we stayed, so convenient to get food

Eric bought this drink from a vending machine haha, Orange with Rare Cheese flavour

We got to Namba station so we walked from there to Den Den Town. Along the way we just visited some random shops... and found this REALLY expensive fruit place O_O

Melons for 5000 yen.. that's about $70AUD for one O_O

Out of focus photo, but that cherry box is around $250AUD O_O

We arrived at Den Den Town

Lawsons 100! This place is AWESOME! Everything is 100 yen (105yen after tax T_T) But you can just live off the food in here. You can buy awesome snacks here for cheap as well

We found a temple so went inside for a bit. The sun was also setting at the time so we just hung around the temple for a while

After that we headed down to Tennoji station since it was quite close

Met up with Aimi and she showed us this place that sells REALLY nice Nikuman (Pork bun). She told us it was famous for it so we tried some

They make it really fresh

Photo was taken too fast T_T

It was SO good! Best Pork buns ever!

Aimi wanted to take us to Mio, a clothing store in Tennoji but it was closed the day we came T_T We seem to be having bad luck with things closing on the day we go in Japan...

Instead we went to catch a train to go to the place where we were having dinner. We took this different type of train called "Ching ching densha" (Ching Ching Train) because it makes that sound (if I can remember correctly ><) This train is different from normal trains, it travels on the road since the train tracks are just on the road.

We got to the place where we were going to have dinner so we sat down waiting for Aimi's parents

They arrived~


The onigiri was so good ♡

They put those into my boots, so cute! haha


After dinner we went to another place for dessert and drinks

haha xD I think Aimi was getting frustrated about learning English xD

Aimi then gave us all Japanese names haha

It was such a fun night and was great to meet Aimi's family as well. Thank-you so much to her parents for treating us out for the night and giving us a taste of what traditional Japanese food is like!

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