12/02/11 Shizuoka

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Hey everyone!

Today's post is going to be another post about Shizuoka. This day was a weekend so we spent the day in the Shizuoka city with some friends. We met at Shizuoka station then went to see the Gundam statue again. We also went inside a Gundam museum kind of place but I didn't take any photos inside

I can't remember why but we ended up splitting up for a bit, so Chiho and I went shopping.

Mini perfumes, so cute!

Met up for lunch, we had omlette rice again!

We were going to walk around more and coincidently bumped into some more friends, so we all decided to go bowling together. I have a lot of videos of us bowling on the day too so will try upload that on my vlog channel sometime.


We went karaoke after!

With Chiho ♡

After Karaoke we decided where to go for dinner

We decided to go to an Okonomiyaki restaurant~!

Hanging out in Shizuoka Station, we were waiting for Shane's bus to come as he was going back to Osaka that night

Eigo's mum came to pick him up and bought their dog along!

Final group photo!

That's all for now! Sorry this post is kind of boring T_T I did take more videos this day than photos so I'll try get it up on my vlog channel soon. I sort of abandoned my vlog channel for a while but I still have A LOT of Japan footage so will try get to them asap!

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