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12:25 AM

Hi everyone!
Since I don't as much time to make videos, I thought that I might just do more blog posts instead! This one is kind of a useless post, but oh well.

So for those that know me, I take a lot of photos.. and I mean a lot. Only thing is that I take forever to upload them! It drives a lot of my friends crazy haha. Since this is also a makeup/fashion blog and I did say that I would post more OOTD (outfit of the day) and FOTD (Face of the day) photos but I never got around to doing it because I just take a really long time to upload the photos!

So since I uploaded the photos onto my laptop, I thought I'd just share them here with you guys! Some of these photos are for upcoming tutorials too!

These photos are from my most recent tutorial, the Ulzzang one

Circle lenses in these photos are from dolly-eye.com
I'll do a separate post on this look a bit later ^_^

This one is an upcoming tutorial. You might recognize this from my latest fashion video, I had a lot of requests for a makeup and hair tutorial for the looks, so I filmed them a few weeks ago. I'm still editing them so hopefully get them up just after Christmas!

As most of you guys know, it's summer in Australia right now so I did a summer look

Hopefully will finish editing that video soon too!

These next few aren't from tutorials, just random face of the days.

This is my usual everyday makeup

Weather has been crazy lately in Perth.. just 2 weeks ago it was really cold and was raining a lot even though it's summer :S

With my dog!

This one is the most recent photo. I was testing out my camera at my grandparent's place! I bought another camera (yes, another) for my trip to Japan/Hong Kong. Since I'm also a photographer, I'm super picky with the quality of my photos, my point and shoot cameras I wasn't very happy with, so I decided to get a mini dslr camera. I wanted something small that I can easily carry around but takes good quality photos similar to a dslr. I'm loving it so far!

The shirt is from Forever New, got it on sale for $14!

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  1. Very cute! I'm loving that dress in the third photo~ Looks adorable on you n__n

  2. Hey Kim! did you end up getting the cam? the quality looks so good :o btw I think I have the same plaided usamimi as you xD I wish the weather was cooler now, it's so hot now T__T

  3. Cute co-ords! I love your makeup - especially the eyes. The lighter shade in the inner corners works wonders!

  4. I did! I'm loving it so far haha xD Ahh yeah I can't remember where I got it from, somewhere in Perth xD

  5. Hey, Kim! You are so pretty!! >v<; may I ask what camera you ended up getting? I understand about being picky with cameras sometimes!

  6. I ended up getting a Lumix GF3, really good camera, I'm really loving it!


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