13/02/11 - 14/02/11 - Valentines Day in Japan

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I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last blogged! I keep breaking my promises T_T I said I would blog more this month but turns out that I haven't been blogging much at all! The past few weeks have been super busy for me. I've been working almost everyday and next week, I'll be working everyday right up until Christmas. I really want to finish editing my videos but lately I just haven't had the time to :( I have a new gyaru makeup tutorial and a gyaru hair tutorial which I filmed 3 weeks ago coming up, but I still have to finish editing the videos :( Hopefully I will be able to get them up just after Christmas. I will also announce the giveaway winner to the contest!

All that aside, I'm going to Japan and Hong Kong in 5 weeks so super excited about that! I'm just doing what I can now to earn as much money as I go which is why I've been MIA these past few weeks :(So for now I thought it might be good to do another Japan post since there is only 5 more weeks till I have a new set of posts! I just bought (another) point and shoot camera which I am absolutely loving right now so hoping for higher quality photos for my next trip!

13/02/11 - Cooking for Valentines Day
I thought I'd do post about 2 days in Japan for this blog post because it would be quite boring if I do just 1 xD Valentines day is quite a big thing in Japan, especially for highschool students. In Japan, girls give gifts to guys on Valentines Day, and on White Day which is in March, the guys return the gifts to the girls. However most girls in highschool give gifts to all their friends. My host family spent the day cooking for Valentines Day which was really fun!

I'm actually hopeless at cooking haha, so I just followed the instructions in the cook book xD


Chiho's sister made us lunch!

After lunch we continued baking

Made this cookie for my boyfriend haha

Cookies for my boyfriend + some friends at the highschool!

Chiho baked a cake for her friends! so cute!

After we were all finished with the cooking, I went out to dinner with Chiho's family! They know I love Italian food so they took me to an Italian restaurant!

It was so gooood!


This was the last night I was staying with Chiho's family since I had to go back to Tokyo one day earlier than everyone else :( My bf made plans in Tokyo for Valentines Day so I had to go back the next day to meet up with him.

Chiho's sister made a card for me, so cute!

14/02/11 - Valentines Day!

Today was the last day I was going to see my host family :( It was so sad leaving them since they looked after me so well! I am definitely going to go visit them again when I go back!

We went to school as usual

With my class buddies

There were a lot of girls carrying huge bags full of chocolates/cookies for their friends!

I had to say my goodbyes to the class since I was leaving a day earlier :(

The class was just a normal day of classes. After school we had a farewell party for everyone as everyone else were going to leave the next day.

With Chiho and Eigo! These guys came to Perth last time!

The UWA students decided to perform a song to say thank-you to Shizuoka Gakuen for hosting us for the past week. I have a recording of the performance so might post it up sometime!

Everyone who participated in the study tour + some students!

Me with Shizuoka Gakuen English teachers

After the party I had my final goodbyes with everyone at the school.

My shoes I used to wear in the classroom lol. Just reminds me of the pain I went through with those shoes haha. The shoes I bought were 2 sizes too small for me, but they were only 100 yen (Around $1.50) for a pair so I decided to buy them anyway .___.

Chiho's mum picked us up at the school and bought my luggage along with her. I went for a last meal with her family then took the Shinkansen (bullet train) back to Tokyo. Was really sad to leave them :(

Waiting for the Shinkansen.. my train was delayed by an hour because of heavy snow that day. I was actually hoping it will snow in Tokyo, I've never seen snow in real life since it doesn't snow in Perth, and I wanted to see it just once.

My ticket from Shizuoka to Tokyo.

While on the train, I saw snow outside when we got to a few different stations. I got to Tokyo within an hour and then went out to meet my boyfriend... except we kind of ran into a few troubles.. lol. He told me to meet him at the exit at Tokyo station, what he didn't realize was there were 4 different exits. I was waiting in the South exit I think, he was waiting at the North exit. I waited for maybe 20 minutes so thought it was weird, I tried asking for help but since I didn't give enough details they couldn't help me. I ended up going downstairs into the subway station and waited.. I had a phone on me but my bf didn't, so it was quite scary, being lost alone in Tokyo station lol. In the end I was just so tired (this was around maybe 9.30pm) I just sat down on the floor. My bf ended up finding me after maybe 15 minutes so I was lucky. I ended up getting lost for almost 2 hours in Tokyo station :(

I walked out of the train station with him and I saw snow!

It was snowing like crazy!

We were planning to have dinner together that night, but since it was so late restaurants had already closed.. so we ended up going to a convenience store, buying instant noodles and some chicken hahaha.

To finish off, here are some cute gifts I got from the Japanese highschool girls for Valentines Day ^__^

Even though I had a few troubles that day, definitely best (white) Valentines Day I've had!

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your v-day gifts are so cute! Japanese do the best packaging :3

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aww you got so many gifts from them! theyre so sweet ^_^