Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation Review

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Hey guys!

Today I have a drugstore foundation review!

The Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation!

I don't really use Western drugstore foundations because I can never find the right match for a foundation shade. Most of the Western foundations I've tried, my face looks either too pink or too yellow for my liking so I always stuck to Asian foundations. Also, another reason why I never bought Western drugstore foundations is because drugstore foundations are sooo expensive in Australia. Revlon colorstay for example is around $40AUD here!!

When I went to Los Angeles my family took me to Target and I went a bit crazy shopping there. I wanted to do the $20 makeup challenge because it was impossible to it in Australia. My cousin recommended me this foundation so I thought I'd just buy it to use in the video, but I have used it a few more times after that! This foundation was $9 I believe in the US.

I got mine in 842

Simple packaging that's not too fancy

Before face without foundation

Colour swatch~

I like using a sponge to apply it

Left side = Foundation
Right side = No foundation

As you can see the colour matched quite well! It evened out my skintone a lot!

Whole face done~

Excuse my tired face

Final look with full makeup~

My Verdict~
- Cheap! (Only in the US, not sure how much it is in Australia)
- Didn't break me out! Most drugstore foundations break me out
- Matches my skin nicely and evens out my skintone

- It does have a strong smell. Most western foundations I find have this smell with their foundations which isnt very pleasant
- It does come off quite easily and doesn't last as long as my other foundations. However it does last for at least 5-6 hours.

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Noah Mcguire
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Great share, thanks for writing this