18/13/2013 - Japan again in 2013! Shopping in Tennoji

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Hey everyone!

Finally I am getting back on track with Japan blog posts again!

At the start of 2013, I went on another Japan holiday with two of my friends, Janelle and David. This time we decided to start at Osaka first then head to Tokyo later. My family also joined me for a week but they couldn't get the same flight as me (I booked my tickets before they decided to go) so they were able to get the flight the next day.

This was my 4th time in Japan and I didn't really take many photos since I just kind of felt like I've "been there, done that". Felt like I was just repeating what I was doing the past couple of times so yeah, not as many photos as I usually would take! Kinda regret not taking as many photos cos now my Japan blog posts are gonna be more boring :( So next time I go to Japan I'm definitely taking lots of photos again!

When we landed, the first thing we did was go to a Family Mart to buy some food supplies~

This time we were staying in David's apartment so we didn't have to pay for accommodation thankfully! We arrived quite late at night so we went straight to sleep after.

The first morning we all woke up early to go meet a friend at Mister Donut!

We also promised Matsui Mama and Papa that we would go visit them for lunch, so we had quite a lot of time to waste until then haha. When we arrived, Matsui mama and papa made us Oden for lunch!

Also gave us some onigiri as a snack to bring along!

I really wanted to go shopping because I always pack an empty suitcase when I go to Japan and I had no clothes with me lol. So we went to Tennoji and I went straight to Liz Lisa to buy some new clothes!

A lot of the items were 50% off and they also had lots of good deals (2 items for 6000yen!)

We forced the guys to take purikura with us LOL.

Fountain in an underground shopping mall!

After shopping we all decided to head back to Umeda (Osaka station on the JR line) to get some dinner! David knew a good Korean BBQ place so we decided to go there to eat~

Food was so good!!

Kanpai to first dinner in Japan!

That's all the photos of our first day in Japan! The other days when my family was with me I managed to get a lot of photos from other people so my next few posts won't be boring! (hopefully!)

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If I ever go to Japan, I'll probably do the same - bring an empty suitcase with me! :D

January 7, 2014 at 7:36 AM delete

Does your friends mittens have bunnies on them? If so they are soooooo cute! Japan looks lovely hopefully I will get to visit it one day and go to Mister Donut.