19/01/13 Shopping in Shinsaibashi and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

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Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you guys about my day I spent in Shinsaibashi and the Osaka Aquarium! My family arrived in Japan the night before so this is my family's first time travelling to Japan. I decided to take them to Shinsaibashi first because they wanted to do a bit of shopping.


Walking to the trainstation in Higashi-Mikuni

Walking in Shinsaibashi!

Family in Shinsaibashi~

We went to a Sanrio store! They had so many cute things in there!

They had a big Hello Kitty mannequin wearing a dress made of Hello Kitties! I don't know if it's cute or creepy :P

Went to this cute restaurant for lunch!

Janelle and I on the bridge at Shinsaibashi!

Famous Glico Man!

We walked around a bit more to shop in Shinsaibashi~

After that we headed to the Osaka Aquarium! I already went to the aquarium 3 years ago but decided to take my family there since it's heaps better than the aquarium in Perth. You can read my blog post about the time when I went to the aquarium 3 years ago here!

It's about $20 for entry

These seals are sooo cute!!


There was a dolphin show going on!

The Great Barrier~! It is a HUGE tank and you just walk around it!

Haha I love how the sting rays look like they are smiling!

THis has got to be one of the most ugliest fish I've seen :x

So many fish!!

We then go to another area~!

NEMO Fish!!

I have no idea what this is.. it was annoying me so I took a photo of it lol. Don't know if it was alive or not :S It was in the same tank as a sea snake I think? But I absolutely hate snakes so I refuse to take photos of any of them :P




Mirror shot with friends!

We then went to the souvenier shop after the aquarium!

When my boyfriend and I went to Japan 3 years ago, we saw a seal really similar to this that we both fell in love with but didn't buy it because we didn't really have much money back then lol :( This seal is kinda similar so I decided to buy it for him as a present (though I plan to steal it back from him sometime :P)

Outside the aquarium there were a couple putting on a funny show

I love all the illuminations around!

Fancy looking hall! I think they use this for weddings

After the aquarium, Matsui mama and papa invited my family over to have dinner with them!

Lots of rice!!

and Udon!!

And that's it for now! Even though I already been to the aquarium it was good to go back again!

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Your trips are always so nice :3
The Aquarium photos were so pretty <3

Jessica Barkley
January 10, 2014 at 6:52 AM delete

Your sister is pretty. How did your fam like it? Would any of them come back? The sea lions probably were my favorite, tbh, but the penguins were a nice touch too.