OOTD: Summer Fun~

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Hey guys!

Today I have another outfit to share~

During spring at the start of this year I saw this skirt going around on Tumblr and I wanted it ever since! When I went to Japan in July I was hoping to find this skirt but they only had the navy colour left :( The one I wanted was the light brown one :( It still is a really nice skirt so I ended up buying it still!

The thing I love about Ank Rouge clothing is the unique patterns on their material

The blouse is from Liz Lisa but is a fake I bought from Taobao, it's from the Autumn 2011 collection.

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Such a nice skirt and your outfit overall is wonderful~

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that outfit really suit you well <3


January 4, 2015 at 12:20 PM delete

Hey Kim! I was wondering if you're ever going to do a fake vs. authentic ank rouge post? I wish I saw your post on Liz Lisa. I bought a skirt using a proxy site, similar to Tenso. I'm starting to doubt the authenticity. Now I can't wait to go home and check the items to make sure if they're authentic or not. Most of the items that came don't come with a tag though. I suppose there's nothing I could do about it, if the skirt is a fake. It's been more than a couple weeks. The only thing is to not order from that proxy site I suppose? Do you think the new ones popping up lately could be trustworthy, though? And do you think Tenso and their fees are worth it?