14/01/11 Tokyo Disney Land 東京ディズニーランド

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The day after Tokyo Disney Sea I went to Disneyland! I bought a two day pass so first day I went to DisneySea and the next day Disneyland. I was told that Disney Sea is a lot better than Disneyland but I wanted to visit Disneyland anyway because I've never been before. The others didn't want to go since they've already been to Disneyland in America before, so I ended up going with Eric. We did the same as we did the previous day, caught the train to Maihama (舞浜) station and took the Disney Express line to Disneyland this time.

Got to Disneyland and took some photos with the Disney characters that were at the front

First thing when we got inside Disneyland, Eric bought a Mickey mouse headband to match my Minnie mouse haha

Walked around a bit, went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, then went outside to see a pirates band playing

... Curry popcorn? O_O

It was such a sunny day, but it was still quite cold. It wasn't the best weather to take photos in though :(

The famous Smoked Turkey Leg. Honestly the Chicken I had at DisneySea was better :/

Alice in Wonderland theme

Went inside "It's a small world"! We went on the ride, it was really cool and had different countries singing the "It's a small world" song. I took a video of the ride, I'll post it up on youtube when I find some time to edit.

Winnie the Pooh merchandise

SO cute! 可愛い!

We went on a few rides, and then came out to see the parade. We missed a lot of it I think, but I got a few photos

Went to look at a few merchandise

Went to the front of the park again since we wanted to take photos in front of the Mickey garden and the Cinderella castle

We went inside the Cinderella castle and there was another souvenir shop that sold glass Disney figures. They looked really pretty but soo expensive so I didn't buy anything.

This castle was something like $70,000AUD? haha

We pretty much covered the whole park and so we went to the bakery at the front

And some final photos in Disneyland...

We were going to stay right until closing time so we can see the fireworks, but we were already done with the park around 3-4pm so we decided to leave. We both had to buy more clothes since we haven't been buying much since we got to Japan so we decided to head to Ikkebukuro and shop at Sunshine City.

Had some ramen for dinner, it was so good!

Fountain in Sunshine City

Crepes! It was soo good!

All in all it was a fun day. Between Disneyland and DisneySea, I would say DisneySea was a lot better and more fun. Disneyland is good but more for children, DisneySea is more for the older people. I enjoyed DisneySea better since it had more things to do and I honestly thought it was bigger (not sure if it really is or not) and the scenery is good. If you have time, go to both parks to experience it, but if you only have time to go to one park, choose DisneySea. I spent more time there and had more fun there.

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