21/01/11 - Ueno , last day in Tokyo 上野

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It was our last day in Tokyo so we had to check out in the morning, then had to spend the day in Tokyo as we were leaving that night for Osaka by bus. We decided to walk to Ueno since it wasn't too far away, and we haven't been yet.

We got to Ueno and then walked around a bit, went down some random streets

Also had some fruit from this man

We then walked to 上野公園 (Ueno Koen [Park]). It is quite a famous park so we decided to give it a visit.

There were a few temples around in Ueno Park

You write your wish on these and hang them up

These are cherry blossom trees I think. It's too bad that we're in Japan in winter since in photos they looked really nice :(

I don't know what tree this is but I definitely think it's not cherry blossoms :/

Apparently a scene from Hana Yori Dango was filmed here

A map of Ueno Koen

The others went to get lunch so instead I went to a place called "Mr Donut" and got a strawberry bear there. We made onigiri the day before so I ate that there instead to save some money xD

We then walked around a bit more around Ueno

It was still early and we were going to meet our friends from Waseda University (they came to Perth mid last year) so they were going to meet us after class. We decided to go to karaoke for one hour beforehand to kill some time.

It was my first time going karaoke in Japan, and I have to say already it's better than karaoke in Perth. The songs are really up to date and it is also cheaper. The rooms look nicer, when a song starts lights start turning on and you also get a drink, all for only about 300yen for an hour. The only thing I have to complain about is the cigarette smell when you go in.

We then kept walking around until the Waseda people came. We went to meet them in Ueno station after

We went karaoke again and got one of the party rooms this time~

After karaoke we went out for a (late) dinner haha. We went to an Okonomiyaki and a Monjyayaki place

While the stove was on they wanted to do some arm wrestling =__= hahaha

Mochi Monjyayaki

Kimchi Monjyayaki

Cheese Okonomiyaki

Soba Okonomiyaki

Atsushi didn't know how to make the Monjyayaki and just put the water bit on straight away haha

After all that we had to rush back to Asakusa since we were short on time for our bus to Osaka. We rushed with all our luggage to Shinjuku and luckily made it on time. The bus ride was about 8 hours and I didn't get much sleep from it so have been really tired :/ We're in Osaka now so will blog about it soon~

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