22/01/11 - Osaka Day 1 大阪

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So I've finally made it to Osaka~ I got here from a bus from Tokyo (Shinjuku) which took about 8 hours. It wasn't too bad but sitting 8 hours on a bus was hard :( Anyway, I've been in Osaka for 3 days now but don't have many photos. The first day I was too tired to take any photos since I was really tired from the bus, I didn't get much sleep so I wasn't really in the mood to take photos. But anyway, we got to Osaka at around 6am so we had to find our way to the hostel in the freezing cold :( We had to catch about 2 trains and got to the hostel around 8am. The staff are really nice and friendly! I really like this hostel a lot better than the one we stayed in Tokyo.

We spent the day just being lazy and settling in, we didn't really want to go out since we were so tired from the bus ride. While just sitting in our room that day, we were all craving McDonalds (o_O) so we tried to find the closest one to us. The closest one we found was near the train station so we all decided to head there... except we found out that it just changed to Lotteria instead :( It wasn't too bad since we were kind of wanting to try Lotteria anyway which is similar to McDonalds haha

We come all the way to Osaka, Japan just to have burgers and chips =__= haha

My meal came with this sausage roll thing, it was really nice!

This is something I'll miss when I go back to Perth.. Melon Soda! This stuff is SO good! I wonder why they don't sell it in Perth :( Best soft drink ever!

We went to a convenience store after to buy some snacks but found a bunch of Pokemon snacks haha

Pokemon instant noodles and Pokemon cookies I think? I didn't buy it though T_T Told myself I won't waste money on stupid things haha

That's about it for day 1, I didn't do much since I was also catching up on the previous days on this blog..

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