17/01/11 - Yokohama/Umi Hotaru with Sena 横浜と海ほたる

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It was Sena's day off so she offered to take us to Yokohama for the day ^0^ She drove to our hostel in the morning and then drove us to Yokohama, it was about 2 hour drive but it was good to see scenery that we normally wouldn't see.

Sena driving!

Mount Fuji! 富士山!

We finally arrived in Yokohama, so we went into a market area to get some lunch and looked at various souvenirs.

カーレパン! (Curry Bread) I bought the Creamy Cheese Curry bread, it was SO good!

Chocolate panda that Annie bought

Me and Sena

View of Yokohama City

The amusement area at Yokohama city

I really wanted to visit the Pokemon Center since I've been a Pokemon fan for years and have played all the games (Recently finished Pokemon Black in Japanese ^o^). I really wanted a Pikachu toy so Sena took us to the Pokemon Center.

While walking there we got to see some awesome views

The Pokemon Center is in this big building. It used to be the tallest building in the world but not anymore.

Inside was so nice!

Pokemon Center!

Unfortunately we can't take photos inside the store so I didn't get to take any. I did have a video which I will put on youtube later that just showed us walking to the store and a little bit of the inside (Didn't know that we weren't allowed cameras before). I didn't buy anything for myself since the Yokohama Pokemon Center is quite small, so I just got a Suicune plush for my sister.

We just hung around at the lounges for a bit

We didn't know what to do after so Sena suggested we go to Umi Hotaru (海ほたる). Umi Hotaru is literally an island between Yokohama and Chiba, you can only get there through a tunnel which is under the sea. Sena drove us there and we even managed to catch the sunset. It was really beautiful, but was sooo freezing since we were just surrounded by water

So windy!

We then went to have dinner since we didn't really have lunch (all we had was the curry bread ._.) so we went to a restaurant in Umi Hotaru. We went to a seafood restaurant, but for those of you that know me, I don't like eating seafood T_T But it was ok, I ended up getting just plain egg udon which was still nice

My meal!

Everyone else's meals

After that we went to a game corner to take sticker photos together! I don't have the photos on me right now, I have to scan them but I'll upload the ones I scan later when I come back to Perth. We then went to shops to look at souvenirs.


I thought that this was pretty cool. When you take trains in Japan (I think it is only the JR line), when they stop at a station they play a little tune. They play a different tune for every station you stop at. It is probably because a lot of people sleep on trains in Japan since some rides can be really long, and the music alerts them that it's their stop? But anyway, these things play the tune of the station so you can memorize the tune :P

Peanuts? haha

A model of the tower in Asakusa. I saw this tower everyday while in Asakusa haha. It is still under construction, but they are trying to make this tower the tallest tower in the world.

These things you can take care of them, kind of like the sea monkey stuff I guess?

We headed down to starbucks after

Went to this nice place where you can sit and drink coffee

We saw this awesome city made out of paper! The Ferris Wheel can move too and also the train can also move on the train tracks. It took the guy who made this 4 years to finish.

It was a long but a great day, thank-you so much for taking us out Sena! We'll see you again when we're back in Tokyo in a few weeks!

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