19/01/11 Odaiba お台場

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It was one of our last days in Tokyo and we had to meet up with a few people before we left. We met up with Saya on Wednesday since we haven't seen her since she left Perth. We met Saya when she came to Perth early last year and went to one of JAPSSOC's kaiwa sessions. Since then we've been hanging out going karaoke/BBQs together so it was great to see her again. She suggested that we go to Odaiba which is an artificial island in Tokyo, it is connected by the "Rainbow Bridge". Apparently Odaiba is meant to be the "future of Japan" but they didn't have enough money to build it how they wanted to.

We had to catch the monorail to get to Odaiba, the ticket was a bit different to normal train tickets and more expensive too.. But the good thing is that we get to see the scenary while on the monorail.

On the monorail

At Odaiba

We wanted to go visit the Takoyaki museum except it was closed that day... we went on the only day it happened to be closed T_T

So instead we went to do some sightseeing...

We then went to have lunch at a buffet. Buffets are really cheap here in Japan. 食べ放題 (All you can eat) is usually only about 1000yen which is about $13AUD. You have a time limit of 1 hour to eat, and we also got to sit in front of a fish tank haha.

We then went around the shopping area to look at more souvenirs and then went to see sight seeing again.

Saya then took us to a shopping centre which was so pretty! The lights/fountains and everything in there were all really nice looking

I ended up buying a set of cards thing in this shop, I'm going to use them as my kanji cards to improve my Kanji

We went to some pet shops later, the dogs were sooo cute! People in Japan really dress up and spoil their dogs. You see a lot of dog shops that sell clothing, fancy collars, dog prams etc

Seeing this dog made me miss my dog so much T_T It looks exactly the same as how my dog used to look when we just got her

Those two dogs were fighting for so long. I took a video of it haha

We then went to Starbucks coffee to take a little rest

We were all getting tired so we all started heading back home...

And of course, purikura!

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