20/01/11 - Shibuya/Harajuku 渋谷と原宿

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It was our second last day in Tokyo and so we split up for the day to do our own shopping. I really wanted to go back to Shibuya 109 and down the small streets in Harajuku since I saw some clothes I really liked there before but didn't really get a chance to look around since I was with a lot of people. When coming to Japan I really wanted to buy lots of clothes since buying Japanese clothing online is expensive. I really love the Japanese fashion as well so I really wanted a day to go off on my own and shop.

Shibuya 109

In the Liz Lisa change rooms haha. I walked around and I really love their clothes, I'm going to buy one of their jackets before I leave Japan, it was around 10,000yen which is quite expensive, but it looks really good quality and looks really nice as well. I tried on one of their dresses I liked but it was a bit too big for me and they only carry one size :(

In the end I didn't buy any clothes in Shibuya, I did end up buying a really cute pink bag though.

I walked over to Harajuku later to do some shopping in the smaller streets. I bought a really cute dress, skirt, top and a few accessories. I found a shop that sold cute earrings for 315yen and really nice necklaces. I'll be going back there when I go back to Tokyo in about 3 weeks time.

Saw a filming crew in the streets of Harajuku, not sure what they were filming though

Back to Asakusa~

In the end I don't think clothes in Japan are too expensive, you just need to know where to go. People told me that Harajuku was expensive for clothes but going into the small streets I found that it was quite cheap (compared to clothing in Perth)and the clothing were really nice there as well, if you compare to clothing in Perth, clothes in Japan are SO much better. The price is about the same as clothing in Perth except much higher quality, I don't think I'll ever be buying clothing in Perth ever again X_X

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