23/01/11 - Osaka Day 2 大阪

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Our second day in Osaka was a lot better than our first. We had more time to walk around the area while being more awake so it was good. The area where we live is quite good, there are supermarkets nearby, and a really nice old man who sells Taiyaki and Okonomiyaki for cheap. Anyway, that day I had a nice sleep so I was a lot better than the first day. Woke up to do my laundry which meant I had to wear new clothes T_T I didn't really want to wear my new clothes I bought in Japan but since I had to do the washing anyway I had no choice.

Looks weird T_T I was wearing my thermals underneath and you can see them clearly, but oh well, it's cold in Japan T_T

That day we were invited to go to Shane's previous host family's house for dinner so we just decided to stay home for the day to make lunch. The others wanted to make katsu curry so they went to get the ingredients and made lunch.


Meanwhile.. Melvin was making his chips with the leftover potato haha

After lunch we just rested up for a bit and then decided to head out to meet Shane. On the way we found a pizza place that had a Pokemon sign thing up

Then went to a 7/11 (Convenience store in Japan)

Russell decided to buy Cheese flavoured icecream (Yeah, sounds really weird O_O haha)

While walking to the train station I found this..

Kumon! HAHA. I remember those days when I used to do it back in Australia

Anyway we got to the station to meet Shane, and from there took the train to his host family's house. They have a traditional Japanese house so it was our first time being in one. They cooked so much food for us! We had Sukiyaki which is kind of like a hot pot but with lots of flavoring in it. Also you dip it in raw egg before you eat it, おいしかった!

Their dog is so cute!

We also had chips, karage, and lots of other food~

Also got dessert!

Group photos~

Sakura mochi!

I was so glad that I went because I could finally use some of my Japanese and be able to listen to conversations in Japanese. Everyone was really nice and it was great to have an experience with a Japanese family in Osaka!

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