Japan Day 2 - Ikebukuro & Shibuya 池袋と渋谷

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We spent our second day at Sunshine city in Ikkebukuro and then headed down to Shibuya to see my friend from highschool; Sena's gig. It was our second day in Japan so after a good night's sleep we were a lot better than the first day. Woke up early in the morning but we spent a lot of time taking our time getting ready in the morning

Cakes here are SO cute!

Trains and subways are so damn confusing here compared to Perth

A Japan train ticket

The day we were at Ikkebukuro, it was the Hatachi festival day, basically everyone who turned 20 within the last year goes out to celebrate as 20 is the legal age in Japan to smoke/drink. The girls come out dressed in kimonos so we saw a few of them that day.

We then went out to have lunch at a soba place. It was quite different, you pay by a vending machine type thing, then you get a ticket and take it to the counter for your food. Guess it saves on staff so there is no need for a waiter haha

My food!

After lunch we headed down to Sunshine City. We were only here for about 1 hour so we didn't get to buy much since we had to get back to Shibuya to see Sena's gig. I really desperately needed shoes because I wore heels that day, the boots I bought from Perth had broken so I really needed a pair of new boots to walk around in whilst in Japan. I ended up finding a pair for about $50AUD? It's really warm and really worth it. Shoes here are SO nice, so many boots and they're so cheap too, you can find really nice ones for about $20. I'm going back sometime next week hopefully to do more shopping here.

We went over to a game arcade after. These places are like 6 stories each in Japan, they even have 1 story just dedicated to the purikura (sticker photos) which is so cool, I wish Perth had that T_T They are only 400yen a photo as well when in Perth they're like $10 each :(


This is something I thought that was really funny. It's basically saying girls can take photos in the photo machines, it's ok for guys to take photos with girls, but it's not ok for guys to take photos by themselves without a girl with them hahaha

Anyway, we went to Shibuya again for Sena's gig! We got lost so came in a bit late, but managed to find it in the end. I missed her so much, haven't seen her in 2 years! The gig was at a small bar in Shibuya called Snooty Fox.

I look super tired in those photos, I was still sick :(

After her gig we went out for a late dinner together. Ended up going to a ramen place, after eating ramen here it is SO much nicer than the ones in Perth. I'm so going to miss the food here when I leave

It was SO good!

And lastly, went out to take purikura photos!

Hopefully we can see her again this Saturday for her next gig! It was great to see you again Sena! ♡

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